The Biggest Little City and its Neighbor

If you’re like me and have never lived on the west coast or watched Reno 911, then you likely don’t know much about Carson City or Reno, Nevada. But if you’re definitely like me, then you just accepted a job in Carson City and moved to Reno, so it’s time to find out more.

It seems that I move from one mining town to another because Carson City and Reno were home to a gold and silver mining rush in the late 1850s. After the population boom from mining, Carson attracted more people with jobs that came along with the railroads. Reno saw another spike in popularity when Nevada legalized open-gambling and passed more liberal divorce laws. Did you know that Reno was the gambling capital of the U.S. before the late 1950s?

Carson City has been the state capital since Nevada became a state, and serves as a hub for state and Northern Nevada activity. Reno, a scenic 25 miles north of Carson City, is the bigger city area that is home to the University of Nevada at Reno and nicknamed the “Biggest Little City in the World”.

Most often when I meet new people, they either gawk and ask why I moved to Carson and Reno from North Carolina or list all of the fabulous reasons why they enjoy living here. Rather than the former, I’m hoping I one day list dozens of reasons why I enjoy living here too.printable-map-of-nevada-state

One of the biggest appeals of moving to this area, is its proximity to so many wonderful parts of the west coast. Not only is this area so close to the beautiful Lake Tahoe, but it is only a 2 hour drive to Sacramento or 4 hour drive to San Francisco. Las Vegas is an 8 hour drive south, and places like Los Angeles, Seattle, and the Grand Canyon aren’t that much farther away either.

As a native North Carolinian, I have had to adjust to the arid climate of Nevada and the fast-approaching cold that will be my first real winter. Past the climate adjustments, my first impressions of Carson and Reno are that the two cities offer a chance to toggle between a calm, town-like life and a not so overwhelming city bustle while being surrounded by beautiful views and so many opportunities for exploring, hiking, or just enjoying nature.

If you’re familiar with either Carson or Reno and have suggestions, please let me know!


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