Unconventional Lessons GHC Taught Me

When I signed up for Global Health Corps in Kitwe, Zambia last May I knew it would teach me a string of lessons. I imagined learning about professionalism, moving to a new country and city, building a community from scratch. And I did learn all of that! But I learned so much more too. Here are the unconventional lessons my year in Zambia taught me:

  • If you have a camera, you can make friends – It’s as simple as it sounds. If you have a camera that you love to use, then you can easily find your way into friends’ sister’s kitchen parties or bribe your way into work conferences all under the guise of taking photos for them. Plus you practice your photography skills at the same time
  • I need 3-4 bottles of contact solution for an entire year, not just 1…
  • Everyone should travel with an adult coloring book – If you love to craft as much as I do, this is an essential on-the-go item to have. I made the mistake of not having one this year, but I won’t let that happen again!
  • The gym is my best friend – I could not have gotten through the year without this stress relief.
  • Always carry bug spray – Most of my friends in ZamFam make fun of me because I spray myself at least twice a day and they know I always pack bug spray wherever we go, but it is essential.
  • How to make lavish meals on a 2-plate toaster oven…okay so maybe I didn’t fully learn this one!
  • How to pack lightly
  • I can climb fences
  • And I bruise very easily from said fence-climbing
  • Personal Advocacy – I didn’t fully understand that to successfully advocate for others, I had to first learn how to advocate for myself. Always one to need a lesson in assertiveness, this year taught me how to believe in myself and truly push for what I deserve. 

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