This Time for Cape Town

I never used to understand why people would gush over Cape Town, lighting up when they heard I would spend my holidays there or raving about it endlessly. Now I have jumped on the bandwagon. It has been over a month since my 17-day gallivant all over Cape Town, and I am still reeling from the thrill of the holiday. It has it all – ample hiking, beautiful beaches, delicious food, friendly people, wine tasting. I could go on and on about Cape Town, but instead I will share my top things to do there:

  • Table Mountain – I am not a hiker or a mountain climber. For me, this was the hardest climb I have ever done, but it was thrilling and I felt so accomplished by the end (and sore). We entered through Kirstenbosch Gardens and hiked Skeleton Gorge, which is supposed take a bit longer but be less steep and a bit easier. We had a lovely picnic lunch on Maclear’s Beacon and took in the glorious views at the top before hiking back down through a different gorge. In total, it took about 7-8 hours, but it was so worth it. For those that only want to hike one way or not at all, the cableway is also an option.
  • Lion’s Head – Some people say not to hike Table Mountain but hike Lion’s Head instead. If you have time, I say why not both? But there is no argument that Lion’s Head is a beautiful hike. It’s less steep and has you going on a circular path around the mountain, so you see all of the beautiful views Cape Town has to offer. It takes about 1.5 hours to do the full hike. Definitely worth it!
  • District Six MuseumDistrict Six Museum, located in the heart of District Six, is a beautiful collection of history, stories, and information about the resettlement of District Six. I truly enjoyed walking through the stories and learning more about the memories of the District Six experience and forced removals.
  • Truth Coffee – Truth Coffee, also located in District Six, is delicious. Rated as the best coffee in Cape Town and even the world, it is definitely worth the visit! Their pastries were also delicious, and their food looked scrumptious.
  • Wine Tasting – We did an amazing full-day wine tour through Wine Flies Tours. They picked us up from our hostel and took us to 5 different stops. The first stop was my favorite because we paired cheeses with each wine, and it was delicious. I may or may not have gone through the cheese tasting twice…We learned the 5 S’s to tasting wine, visited a cellar, paired wine with chocolate and biltong, and had a delicious lunch. I felt pretty buzzed by the end of it! I definitely recommend Wine Flies, but there are so many other tours that you can definitely find the right fit for you!
  • Muizenberg – Muizenberg might have been my favorite part of the trip. Just a hop and skip over to Kalk’s Bay, Muizenberg is a beach-side suburb outside of central Cape Town and said to be the home of surfing in South Africa. If you do not have a car, you can easily get there on the train. We stayed at a lovely and friendly hostel, Stoked Backpackers, where we were able to connect with other backpackers and have awesome adventures. One of our friends even taught us how to surf! If you’re lucky (or unlucky?) you might even witness a shark spotting and hear the sirens go off at the beach.
  • Cape Point/Cape of Good Hope – From Muizenberg, we drove to Cape Point and toured the lighthouse and looked out over the sea. My favorite part was this nook of a beach where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. The waves were enormous, and we saw seals playing in the sea. How many times do you get to frolic on a mostly secluded beach?!
  • Sushi – Why, yes, I did eat way too much sushi on this trip, but it still wasn’t enough. I highly recommend the sushi bar at Food Lover’s Sushi because it is half-priced after 3pm! Also, if you have time definitely try Active Sushi for their unlimited sushi deal. All you can eat sushi – how can you say no? For every piece of sushi you order and don’t finish you have to pay R5, so order wisely! Also, it is one of the best sushi meals I have had. Make sure you get a reservation!
  • The CodFather – Located in Camps Bay, the CodFather is delicious, and I don’t even like seafood that much. It is an amazing experience. The menu is your choice of fresh fish cooked to perfection and served with vegetables and chips. If you’re going for dinner, make sure you make a reservation, but you can just walk in for lunch.

Others will also recommend Robben Island, which I unfortunately was not able to see. Make sure you book in advance, especially in tourist seasons! Also, check out any of the beaches – Camps Bay, Clifton Beach, Llandudno Beach. They are all gorgeous but super cold! Eat all of the delicious food at the Old Biscuit Mill, explore Bo-Kapp, party on Long Street, and soak it all in!


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