Nine Pro Tips to Help You Survive Load Shedding

  1. Do not trust the schedule. If you are one of the lucky few to have a load shedding schedule on hand, congratulations, but it probably is not reliable because the schedule is always changing. Track the times for yourself and see how they compare.

2. Always always always have candles, matches, lighters and/or headlamps ready to go.

3. Once your candle is lit, flip over a cup, mug, or anything with a flat surface and let the wax drip until you have enough to nestle your candle on top. Now you have a reliable home for your candle!

4. If you do not prefer pro tip #3, feel free to indulge in a bottle of wine in the dark and when it is empty you have yourself a handy dandy candle holder.

5. Always have snacks on deck. You do not know when power is going to come back on, and it might be too dark to go outside for food or the food places could also be closed. So always have munchies nearby.

6. As soon as power comes back, charge everything! Get your laptop, your phones, your external battery charger, everything. Juice them up so they are ready to go the next time power goes.

7. Do not spray bug repellent near open flames. Before you begin your nightly ritual of applying bug repellent, remember that most sprays are flammable. You might be accustomed to the cute, bright candles that provide you with light and forget that they are flames as well! Try any enclosed area, such as the bathroom or closet.

8. Remember all the fun activities that do not require power, such as: going outside, shadow puppet theater, journaling by candle light, telling ghost stories, playing dark room, stargazing, and an all-time favorite – sleeping. These will surely keep you entertained for the 6-8 hours ahead!

9. Or, like CHEP just did, you can purchase a generator to solve all of your load shedding troubles!


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