The numerous amount of clever names one can make with a name like Zambia is nothing compared to the amount of love the GHC Zambian cohort has for one another.

As the smallest country cohort – 18 fellows and 1 awesome ZamDad – Zambia is traditionally the closest team. From the moment I met the Zambian fellows I felt excited, accepted, and so welcomed. I am anxious about what the next year has in store, yet after knowing these fellows just one day I knew I had entered a very special family that would always care for me.

We have 9 national fellows from different parts of Zambia and 9 international fellows primarily from the United States. Though small in size, we are very large in nature. We rank as the loudest, liveliest, loveliest group leaving other fellows saying “Oh, you’re in ZamFam.

This year, ZamFam is also the most diverse cohort with ethnicities ranging from Ghanaian to Asian to Native American and disciplines spanning the fields of policy, design, sanitation, epidemiology, and more. We also speak many languages including English, Spanish, Nyanja and Bemba (two languages we American fellows hope to learn quickly).

Kitwe Co-Fellows!

Of our cohort, 16 fellows will be working with various NGOs in the capital city, Lusaka. My co-fellow, Mwansa, and I are the first GHC fellows to venture outside of Lusaka and will be working for the Copperbelt Health Education Project (CHEP) in Kitwe. Kitwe is located in the Copperbelt region and is the second largest city after Lusaka. It is also a 5 hour drive away. Mwansa and I have quite the opportunity ahead of us to both explore a new region and to introduce CHEP and Kitwe to the GHC program. As #teamkitwe we are excited for the chance to make the Copperbelt our new home this year.

ZamFam at Chelsea Piers

Tomorrow I move to Zambia for a year. I’d say wish me luck, but with a Zamfam like this I know I have everything I need 🙂


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